Monday, April 26, 2010

Shit. Today is the first blog and it's about the 'beib'. Probably the best thing about New Zealand is that JB is coming tomorrow to this tiny country at some point. Yesterday in Sydney at his one appearance at a mall 10 girls got crushed, and not just their hearts, but their entire bodies. This kid is like what Hanson was in the late 90's, but all rolled up into one dood. He has the power to make little girls kill each other. I never saw Hanson kill no girls, so he's probably considered a level above those 3 sisters. You gotta admit this guy's got his shit together, he's got a sweet casio watch, a purple cardi and he's dating Demi Moore from what I hear. Man this kid gets around.

I was going to take this opportunity to talk about some shit that matters but fuck man its the bieb!

Check out this sweet Bieb remix involving MSTRKRFT. You'll love it.

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