Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Like a Rolling Stoner

Alright, so two weeks ago I went to Melbourne to visit my sister Shelley at her house there. See, Shelley moved to Australia in October of 2009 to 'get away from it all', and to have a sort of extended vacation. She came to visit Auckland first and then we both went together to tackle Melbourne for the first few days. After that she's taken it upon herself to start a new life and to just have fun without having any second thoughts. Now that's how Shelley always lives her life, but imagine the idea of going to a foreign country where no one knows you, you can be anyone you want to be and no one knows your past. You pretty much get to make your own identity. Sounds pretty gnarly if you ask me. So anyways I was in Melbourne visiting and we had tons of fun, smoked some weed and went to see Kelly Clarkson at the Rod Laver Arena (not the same night). The visit was looking to be perfect and then I got the WORST PAIN OF MY LIFE! At first I thought it was gas, so I went for a little walk around her apartment, but then it got quite intense and I could hardly breathe. I thought it might be a good idea to go to the emergency room in Melbourne.

Shelley took me to the hospital which is quite nice as it was 5 in the morning, and she was working on an afternoon shift...so I pretty much interrupted her sleep halfway in. We went and the doctors gave me a tag with my name on it and told me I had kidney stones symptoms. I was pretty disappointed. My dad has them, and both my older and younger sisters have them, but I thought I had gotten away without them! No such luck. They put me in that big CAT scan circle machine that they usually use to scan people's brains and scanned me back and forth a few times. It was fun and weird all at the same time. After all the shenanigans and hanging out in the hospital for 5 hours watching NOFX's backstage passport on my iPod, I was given some codeine pills and told to drink lots of water. A week had passed and I still felt odd so I went to the walk in clinic here in Auckland, and they told me to look my symptoms up on google! Those dicks! I finally went to a specialist today, and they made me take all these x-rays and tests again... the X-Ray shows a tiny little dot which the doctor said was the stone, so its still traveling around inside of me. He said drink enough water to make 2 litres of pee a day and after a month if it still hurts then contact him again! Damn! I thought they might laser it out or something, but apparently I am just being a pussy about it. The doctor also said the best way to measure my pee is to use the family juice jug for 24 hours. Is that weird?

Alright so from pain to awesomeness, a buddy of mine Saurab (who likes to go by the name of Sean for some reason) lets me know that he has an extra Russel Peters ticket to the sold out Auckland Show! Sweet! I will definitely be laughing all the way to the racist bank. Check out some of his stuff here, its pretty awesome to say the least!

Be right back, gotta drink about 300 litres of water at the moment.

PS watch this shit! it's scary as but is the sweeeeeetest song!

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  1. Oh man that sucks! They made you look up stuff on google?! What a bunch of dicks! Hope you pass that store soon and without too much pain. Maybe you can get some medicinal weed for that kinda shit? Good luck brew!